SUGM Photography Services

***Types of Photography Services***

Contact us for pricing and the specifics of your project.

Athletic / Fitness Photography


Photo by Alex Dumas

Inspiring others to be more Athletic and physically fit is the key to most successful fitness instructors. Not only do they have to instruct members, but they must also inspire them to be better. SUGM has an awesome track record of working with Fitness professionals to create engaging and inspiring content for their followers and their communities.

Commercial & Fashion Photography


We work with you to create and make your Brand Vision a reality. Unique and specialized campaigns are more effective than ripping photos from Photobucket or Google Images. Even Facebook suggests always using pictures and originally created content over stock photos. This original content has a higher CRT% that usually result in more conversions. We’ve worked with clients on a wide variety of projects, from product photos on eCommerce sites to Social Media campaigns. We are already familiar with the the typical formats used in Google Adwords and the sizes of the iab guidelines. Non-standard sizes similar to the ones used in YouTube Covers (2560 x 1440) or in website filmstrips are also doable, virtually any size you want at almost any location on the planet.


Real Estate Photography


SUGM takes the high quality photographs you need to help generate attention for your listings. Travel and location is not a problem. We are familiar with the needs of Real Estate Agents and understand the role photographs play in MLS listings. We are also familiar with the back end statistics of those platforms and know the types of photos that generate the most clicks and interest in properties.  Contact us today and we can help you get your listings sold as quickly as possible. We are willing and able to deal with high speed and high turnaround clients.

Social Media

Pic of Peace Denim Co Europe's FB page.

Original Photo by @KassimRichards for Peace Denim Co’s Social Network Campaign. (Pic is a Screen Shot from a SONY Experia Z1s)

No place is it more important to have unique and engaging content as Social Media. Networks like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn and Pinterest have user-bases that number in the millions. Being present on these networks mean you have greater access to consumers and they have greater access to you and your products. We have worked with brands to tell their story and keep their customers/supporters engaged. SUGM’s already familiar with the insights and stats you use to measure the effects of your campaign. We know what not only gets you engagement but also conversions/sales.

Modeling Portfolio


We will work with you to get your portfolio going. We offer a competitive rate and might be able to work you in with one of our projects. **

Event Photography


Travie McCoy of Gym Class Heros at Microsoft private concert. Photo by @KassimRichards


Event photos are Concerts, Corporate functions, Weddings, Baby Showers, Christenings, Maternity, and Engagement Photos.  These events are precious, and often have a huge impact on an individual, creating memories for a lifetime. Due to the nature and specificity of of these events specifics will need to be negotiated. Please contact us regarding your event.

***Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation fee of $35 goes toward any service you end up selecting with us. It is NOT refundable.
{…honestly this is just  a deterrent meant to scare away inquiries that are not serious…}









*We are not responsible for providing the Model, unless contracted. Supplying a Model for any shoot will be separate cost along with a make up artist.