Photography is critical for your site!

If you haven’t seen Fast Company’s Article on a Lingerie Company’s A/B testing efforts we suggest you do. It shines an interesting light on how Critical photography is on eCommerce and Fashion sales.

Fast Company Article. Read it.

SUGM’s been working with some of the newest retailers around the wold with their Social Media campaigns and their sites. We’ve know about many of the elements discussed in the article for quite some time and we have experience in A/B testing and Multi-variate testing. Here’s a few take aways we can back up from the article;

  • Models : A well liked model does work much better. What the article doesn’t cover is how the Model’s Social presence links to that increase in sales.
  • Props : Props are nice, but it’s not the focus. The focus is the product, what’s the point of showing other products unless you are selling them as well. Each Photograph should focus on the product.
  • Conveyed Emotion : It’s true what they say a picture is worth a thousand words. The position and the Attitude of the model along with the feeling the model communicates with body language is extremely important and needs to resonate with the target audience.


Pic of Peace Denim Co Europe's FB page.

Amanda Lee by @KassimRichards for Peace Denim Co’s Social Campaign. (Pic is a Screen Shot from a SONY Experia Z1s)

This photo of Amanda Lee is a good example of our points. It was used for the “Emotionally Unavailable” line by Peace Denim Co. The Photo easily convey’s emotion relevant to subject matter and is devoid of detracting props. The model Amanda Lee and the photographer Kassim Richards are also very likable individuals. All of that adds up in the end game to increased sales/conversions and engagement.

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