The Thumbtack Experience

We’re trying out Thumbtack! Here’s a quick review.

Here’s a link to our profile page on Thumbtack.

For some of you who may not know Thumbtack is a marketplace of sorts where people who need special projects done can hook up with individuals with who have the skill to get their project done. A quick scoot on over to their About us page should give you a good jist of what they do.  It seems like a good place for a business to market it’s services, but we’re going to test it out and find out how well it works. We’ll update this thread when we’re done with our experiment. We’re only a week in and still trying to figure out the best ways to optimize our presence on Thumbtack. We’ll probably spend a couple hundred before we make a final determination on the site, and examine it’s impact on service based businesses like ours. So far it’s pretty interesting and our 1st impressions are fairly positive but it’s only been a week. There are some points they could do some improvement on like giving pros some analytic data on their profile page. It would be great if there was some options like that. I’ll probably make a call to their customer service and see the best ways to max out this opportunity.


There are interesting upsides to thumbtack like verification. The below Widget shows off the various ways we’ve been verified by thumbtack. They even have a section for background checks and credentials. A good way to keep the creeps at bay and ensure the users get a good experience so they will come back and keep using the site.

Trusted and Verified

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    Credential section of Thumbtack's Profile Edit

    Another interesting point is how they tie the  information into a point system giving heavy weight to verification. Almost giving a strong incentive to register and give proper information. Our badge below represents where we’re at. (at the time of this article we’re at Silver Level).


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