What Local can do for you?

At the end of the day we are looking for sales. We want  good customers, and that’s what Local Marketing can do for a business. When we talk about Local Marketing we mean beyond flyers, radio, and print advertising.  We’re talking about your business being able to be found online and being able to direct customers straight to your door.

The Mobile Effect is an essential part of any Local Marketing. Most business locations are found in today’s world using mobile phones. Customers will simply ‘Google’ info on their phone and they are instantly navigated to the businesses destination. This makes being found by mobile devices critical, because if you are not on the map then your business WILL not exist to new customers. If they search for information on your business or your services you will not show up in that search with out Local Marketing. The landscape has changed and you need to have your business on the map and visible to potential customers. Below is a good example. This is one of our clients, when I did a Search of “Huggins Bail Bonds” this is the Organic listing that showed up. Customers can now find their office, call them, and get directions to their location. They also have the option of checking out the website and getting more information on the business. If our client didn’t have the presence we helped them achieve they’d never be found or worse a competitor who is using local marketing would of popped up in the search and got their potential customer.


Huggins Bail Bonds after Google Voice Search

Huggins Bail Bonds after Google Voice Search

We  can help you get listed on the major maps and directories so that your business shows up when potential customers in the area start searching for your business or your services. If you type in “Coffee” I’m sure the location to a Starbucks will come up.  SUGM can make that same magic happen for you and your business. We use some of the same techniques and services the fortune 500 companies are using to get their businesses found, leveling the playing field, allowing you to compete at their level.

Local Marketing further benefits other Marketing efforts like Search, Social, Radio and Print. With Local Marketing getting you “on the map”, you can now share that map location with friends. They can share it with their friends giveing you added reach. On the Search front it gives you options to connect to Google’s rich ecosystem of search and display. It even helps improve the effectiveness of Radio and Print ads because the user can now use their mobile device to locate your business and be instantly navigated to your front door after they hear your advertising on the Radio or Television.

Contact us and let us get you in touch with the customers you business needs to grow.